Service Offerings

Defining a Behavioral Science Practice

Experience: I have helped establish behavioral science teams at Deloitte, Microsoft, and Tonal.

Service: 1-2 day workshop explaining different types of behavioral science teams, the ways they can work with different teams, ways to collaborate with partner teams such as UX and Data Science, establishing vision and mission, how to become a center of excellence and plotting the journey from advancing from small wins to large impact. 

Writing on the Subject: How Applied Behavioral Science Teams Create Impact and Defining the Applied Behavioral Scientist Role

Maximizing product/service outcomes by personalization

Experience: I started this vision at Microsoft which led me to create the process of measuring feature outcomes. I led and aligned the main partner teams around this vision at Tonal. 

Service: 1 day workshop followed by a month retainer. Starts with a 1 day workshop where I will introduce the vision and together we can complete a fit-gap analysis on the 8 components required for personalizing interventions. Then I can stay on for a month to help the team to align other teams around the vision and integrate it into the product roadmap. 

Writing on the Subject: Personalization is the Future of Applied BeSci, A Maturity Curve to Get There

Measuring the Outcomes of Features

Experience: I did this for several features at Microsoft across multiple teams.

Service: 1-2 day workshop where I will introduce how to create connections between outcomes and measurable behaviors that features are intended to change. During this workshop we will actively create a taxonomy with a few features. Then during the second half I can work with them to create a research plan on how to test out at least one of the outcome connections that was established in the first half. Possible 1 month retention to consult on how to get the project done. 

Writing on the Subject: Introducing the Feature Impact Analysis

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